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Civil Litigation and General Counsel

Civil Litigation & General Counsel

At the Ramsauer Law Firm, we provide representation and general counsel to individuals and businesses with superior experience, knowledge of the law, and aggressive legal strategies. From civil litigation to business disputes and torts, our skilled team has represented our clients through a broad range of legal matters.

Do I Need a Civil Litigation Attorney?

Filing a civil lawsuit in Florida comes with a wide range of challenges and complicated legal processes. As civil litigation professionals, Ramsauer Law has nearly a decade of experience supporting individuals and businesses through the legal process. A skilled attorney can provide the the guidance that is vital to your needs.

Understanding of Law:
Navigating the legal system on your own is challenging. With a civil litigation attorney by your side, you can more thoroughly understand the legal ramifications as your case develops.

By working with an experienced attorney there is the assurance of the guidance and counsel when you need it most.

A civil litigation attorney can allow efficient representation and mitigation of mistakes through a macro view of the legal landscape that you are facing. 

Strategic implementation of key legal decisions can provide you with valuable options and perspective. 

Why Choose Ramsauer Law?

Regardless of the degree of difficulty your case may present, Ramsauer Law will aggressively and relentlessly pursue the best possible outcome.

Here’s why you should work with our civil litigation and general counsel lawyer

Strategic Legal Counsel

Over 8 Years of Experience

Experienced Counsel to One of the Largest Corporations in the World

Experienced Counsel Representing Individuals in a Variety of Legal Actions

Proven Track Record of Satisfied Clients Represented

Civil Litigation & General Counsel

Contact Ramsauer Law for Civil Litigation and General Counsel – Ramsauer Law is ready to provide the level of counsel your needs. 


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Unmatched Skill & Experience

Experience that spans from jury trials to high level defense litigation allows Ramsauer Law to provide you with an incredibly unique and unmatched legal representation experience.

Customized Case Strategy

No two clients or cases are the same. Ramsauer Law diligently formulates a unique approach that perfectly suits your situation and allows for the best possible outcome.

Effortless Communication & Compassion

We walk you through every step of the legal process. By providing realistic timelines & expectations, you & your loved ones are never left in the dark.

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